A complete Guideline for Using Stores

Here you will have all the in depth guidance for using your Store. 

First of all, I prefer you to use “Chrome”. The reason behind this is that it is more beneficial with respect to the Extensions and we have to use extension here which is only supported by the “Chrome”. 


  • Now, by having Chrome, Search “Google Chrome Extension” on Google and Click on it. 


  • Search for “Ali Dropship” and you will have some extension but choose the one named as “AliDropship”. 


  • Moving further, next step is to add this extension to Chrome. For that purpose, click on the “Add to Chrome”



  • Go to the upper right corner of the chrome and click on the “Extensions” Button. Down there you will have the option to pin extension side by to AliDropShip. Click on that and you will have your Extension of “AliDropship” being added to the Chrome. 


  • You can also identify and confirm that your extension is linked with Chrome by seeing this. 


  • After getting your extension, the next step is of opening your site. Note that you have to use the domain name and “/wp-admin” after that. The image will make it clear for you. The domain name will be of the site which we gave you and you purchased from us and not of that used in the image. That is a random one. 


  • You have to put username and email password here. The username and password will be given to you and will also be mentioned that you have to use it here. 


  • You can have all the details about your products by choosing “Products” on the left side.


  • Go back to the extension where you have to Log in by entering the domain name. 


  • Now get authorized yourself. 


  • Fulfilling these requirements will lead you to the dashboard where you will have all the details of your store. Details include the orders being given or have done, products detail, Bounce rate, page views, sessions and many more which will operate your store. You have the overview report of the store. I short, you are now operating from the store and everything runs in your hands. You will have a look like this when you will approach to dashboard. 


  • If you have any processing order, then go to it and open. 


  • Now you have the proper details about the order like who has order it, the product and its price etc. From there you have to choose “Place Order Automatically” option. 


  • Choosing this will show you that you are not authorized by the Ali Express and you have to Choose “Log in now” option there.


  • You will be redirected to the Ali Express website and there you will have to register yourself first and then sign in with the account name and password required. After Sign in, you will be able to place order on Ali Express. Now go back to your previous page and choose “Place order Automatically” again. This time it will show up like this;


  •  Now you will be redirected to Ali Express directly. Shipping information will be filled automatically. You have options of choosing payment methods whether it will be Card, Paypal, Wire transfer or WESTUNION. If order is less than $20 then you will be able to use Paypal and Card for payment methods. 


Place your order here and you will have an email from Ali Express. Now copy that and send to the customer from where you got the order. 


  • We suggest you to follow the recommended pricing formula. But you can have your own pricing formula by going to the “Pricing” page in the dashboard. 


  • If you want to add products, then you can simply go to Ali Express, choose any product and choose import on the right up side of it. It will automatically be added on your store. 


This whole process is assumed to be as simple and its working is efficient. We will have here a quick review of this whole process. 

First off all you have to use “AliDropship” extension in your chrome and add it to the chrome. Now do to the store which you bought and put there “domain name/wp-admin”. This will take you to the dashboard of the store which will show you all the details about the store and you can operate from there easily. If you have any order in processing then open it, see it and choose “place order automatically”. You will have to get registered on the Ali Express. Now choose the options of “place order automatically” again and you will be redirected to the Ali Express where you can now buy the product with different payment methods and which suits your needs. 


If you are not able to understand yet, then you can read our another article for in depth guidance which we provide for your ease.