What is ASP .NET. Why We Use it. 

 Asp .NET is also a platform for web development services. It comprises of programming model, a comprehensive software infrastructure and many a services. This is all for the sake of development of the robust web applications for the PC and also for mobile devices. 

Asp .NET works on the HTTP protocols and follow commands of HTTP protocol so that It can create a proper communication and cooperation between Server and Browser. We say Asp .NET as a part of the Microsoft .NET platform. All the applications being developed in this are compiled in code by using the extensible and reusable components and objects present in. 

An application code can be written in any of the below languages in Asp .NET. 

  •  C#
  •  JavaScript
  •  Visual Basic .NET 
  •  J#

What is Asp .NET Core?

A new version of Asp .NET came into existence and was named as Asp .NET core. This code is independent to run on any of the major platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux. Same as like old version, it also created by Microsoft, it is an open source and is used to develop the web applications, web services and dynamic content driven websites. Nut the new version is much multifunctional as it can be. A developer who already have the knowledge of the Asp .NET can also use its alternative Asp .NET core. 

 Why We Need Asp .NET?

High speed, low cost and vast languages support is one of the major benefits we achieve through this but there are also many more. We get the Asp. Net in the windows environment which make it unique from the other platforms of the web development services. It requires less setup and configurations while other web development platforms need to be installed and configure separately. 

An application or website built in Asp .NET have high efficiency than those which are developed in PHP. The code is converted to object code and then executed while we compile the applications of Asp .NET. This all compiling process takes very less time but happens for only one time. We can execute the code over and over after compilation by the Asp .NET so quickly. 

Compiled code is much faster and more scalable than interpreted code. 

There is also validation for the code is given by compilation process that all the code is in consistent way. 

ASP.NET code can be written using a simple text editor, various free programming text editors and, most commonly, Microsoft’s ubiquitous Visual Studio application, which is available in a free Community Edition for non-corporate use. 

In addition to an IDE, a website need web application server software and a hosting server. Asp .NET provide Microsoft IIS in most of the applications. One can easily get IIS for all versions of Microsoft windows with no additional cost to pay. 

The decision to choose database is important. Asp .NET can use all popular databases including MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, MariaDB, MongoDB and CouchDB. 

Asp .NET is written by using object oriented programming languages and these languages provide a framework for code organization and reuse. However, we know that this is open source and free but this is also supported by the world’s largest software company named as Microsoft. 

So as a whole, we can see that Asp .NET is reliable, fast, easy to use, free and widely known. It gives best services to web development services and apps development services. A web development company/agency must have grip on Asp .NET. 


Discussing Programming Models

It supports a number of programming models for building web applications. 

Asp .NET Web Forms This framework is used to build modules pages from components 

Asp .NET MVC It uses model view controller design pattern to build web pages 

Asp .NET Web Pages It includes a lightweight syntax that add dynamic code and data access directly inside HTML markup

Asp .NET Web API It is also a framework which supports to build web API on top of the .NET framework

Asp .NET Web Hooks Subscriptions and event publishing via HTTP will be done through WebHook patterns

SignalR This is used for the real time communication between the client and the server

Asp .NET AJAX It is an extension present on both client side and server side components to write Asp .NET pages that incorporate AJAX functionality 

Asp .NET Dynamic Data It is application of scaffolding in data driven applications 

The Architecture of the .NET framework Rely on Which Key Components?

The architecture of the.Net framework rely on the following key components

  • 1. Language – A variety of languages does exist for .net framework. They are VB.net and C#. These can also be used to develop web applications.
  • 2. Library - The .NET Framework includes a set of standard class libraries. The most common library used for web applications in .net is the Web library. The web library has all the required components used to develop .Net web-based applications.
  • 3. Common Language Runtime - The Common Language Infrastructure or CLI is a platform. .Net programs are executed on this platform. The CLR is used for performing key activities. Activities include Exception handling and Garbage collection.

Key Characteristics of the ASP .NET 

  • 1. Code Behind Mode The concept is of changing the design and code. It becomes easier to maintain the ASP.Net application while doing this separation. The general file type of an ASP.Net file is aspx. Consider that we have a web page called MyPage.aspx. There will be another file called MyPage. aspx.cs which would denote the code part of the page. So Visual Studio creates separate files for each web page, one for the design part and the other for the code.
  • 2. State Management ASP.Net has the ability of managing state management. HTTP is known as a stateless protocol. Let's take an example of a shopping cart application. Now, when a user decides what he wants to buy from the site, he has to press the submit button.

The application must be responsible to remember the items the user chooses for the purchase. This is known as remembering the state of an application at a current point in time. HTTP is a stateless protocol. When the user goes to the purchase page, HTTP will not store the information on the cart items. Additional coding needs to be done to ensure that the cart items can be carried forward to the purchase page. Such an implementation can become complex at times. But ASP.Net can do state management on your behalf. So ASP.Net can remember the cart items and pass it over to the purchase page.

  • 3. Caching ASP.Net can implement the concept of Caching. This improves the performance of the application. By caching those pages which are often requested by the user can be stored in a temporary location. These pages can be retrieved faster and better responses can be sent to the user. So caching can significantly improve the performance of an application.

ASP.Net is a development language used for constructing web-based applications. ASP.Net is designed to work with the standard HTTP protocol.