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DT Modern Tech

From when DT Modern Tech started to where we are now, We leaded in the market. We are a US based firm and best software company with over 6 years of experience in providing state-of-the-art solutions, cost-effective capabilities and consulting services . We experienced to be professionals which we are right now. We rely on our minds of company and the quality which we are serving till now by hard work. DT Modern Tech is a Software Development Company in California based firm which has a strong mission and future goal to expand their business outside the US to more developed countries. DT Modern Tech are offering fully fledged services for software development and engineering empowering effective management to their clients. As a Top software Company in California, we cover every service including in our field.

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Our Mission

Our mission comprises of business growth with our customers. This business growth can only be achieved by the way of creating design, development and high quality solutions that must enhance our values in market.

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Our Plan

In future, we see our company to compete the best software companies around the globe and in marketplace relying on our services. That does also rely on enhancing the quality of work as proceeding further sequentially.


Our Vision

DT Modern Tech has a main vision to be a leading performer in this Competitive marketplace. We want to be in a constant manner and provide efficiency to accelerate our achievements. Fortunately, we have a crew of talented staff to achieve this vision.

Our Team

Robert Hansen


Boby Tran


Taimoor Ahmad