Content Writing & 5 skills of it


Content writing is a dreamy work. But there is a difference between good content writers and average one. The main thing which differentiate them is that how they research, function and how much is their content user friendly. 

In this era, when there are content websites then only writing which is in our mind is not necessary but also to write the right thing and accordingly that satisfices the customer needs. 

What is Content Writing?

Content writing Service is a process of planning, writing and editing the web content. A writer must be professional to succeed in this digital era. 

This is also for the purpose of digital marketing purpose. When we hear the content writing then the first thing that comes in our mind is “article writing”. But the fact is that content writing is collided with all the content formats which are; 

  •  YouTube video description
  •  Landing pages 
  •  Web page copy
  •  White papers
  •  Podcast titles 
  •  Social media notes 
  •  Video scrips 
  •  Keynotes speeches 
  •  Email newsletters

A Best content writer must be aware to write in all the content formats which enhances the professionalism. Every content format has its own style to be described. News is delivered in AP style, white papers are long; they describe a problem and provide the solution. But, regardless, each and every category is content, and each style writers master makes them more valuable and in demand. Successful content writer doesn’t pick random subjects. Every writer brings new style to the work which is being in trend earlier. 

A content writer must also have to knowledge of HTML, CSS, SEO and WordPress. This is all something basic for a content writer to be in knowledge. Expert content writers are also social media specialists. 

Professional content writing services comes from those whom have experience in this field. 


What is Content Marketing?

This type of marketing is related to give brands loyalty and sell products on the basis of creating and proving the information to the customers which relate them. The way of this all must be in a quality content writing services. These services can be in written or visual form both like video, blogs etc. It is just to show the authority of the brands and their promotion. Even though this information is shared on through business to the customers but content should be well researched and well written.  

What are the Skills required for content Writer?

A professional content writing requires a professional content writer. Even though a content writer should be all-rounder but the need is of knowing about the client’s industry and interest. However here are some skills being mentioned for a quality content writing services:

  •  Well researching power
  •  To create unique content 
  •  Versatility 
  •  Should have a good grip on grammar and style 
  •  Quick writing skills under tight deadlines 


Create business relationships with companies that need content, and provide writers to write that content.


The 5 skills content writer must have 

To become successful as a content writer, you need a full toolkit of marketable skills.

1. Successful content writers must master different writing styles.

The reason is that writing has its own style. News is transferred in AP style, in short, informational paragraphs with the meat of the story at the top. Blogging is personal, more friendly and often opinionated. Ad copy is short and persuasive. White papers are long; they describe a problem and provide the solution. But beside this, each and every category is content, and each style writers master makes them more effective and in demand.

2. Successful content writers don't pick subjects Randomly.

"Ideation" is a marketing industry buzzword that clarifies the creative process of finding a subject, title and angle to write about; and ideation starts with analytics. Most ideation is done in a team setting, but freelance writers do this by their own. Which is why it's useful to know how professional marketing teams create ideas. Before doing that, successful content writers require to: 

  •  Understand their public. Marketers call it creating a "buyer persona." If you know who your readers are, you can get their attention by writing what they want. You write for your audience, not for yourself, not for your company, not for your brand.
  •  Perform keyword research. Buzzsumo also showed that “content writing” is a better keyword than “content writer,” which changed the concept of the title. The site also revealed that writing how-to posts are popular. 
  • · Go for checking the competition. What other successful content are sharing in your industry? A competitive content audit gives you many an information. This is not limited just to what your competitors are sharing, but who is linking to their content, blogging about it, tweeting it out and posting it elsewhere.
  • · Craft a snappy title. After you have keyword, competitor and reader knowledge, take your time, choose your subject and make a title which will attract the readers. The title compels people to read or not. The most important words on your post are the title and the meta description. 

3. Successful content writers are original.

Content Writing is your reputation. Every post should be original with your name on it. That probably sounds crazy, with all the tens of thousands of people writing about the same subjects, but it's easier than it seems. Every talented writer can bring a unique voice, different perspective or new light to an overworked subject. This all must be taken into consideration for the sake of your reputation. 

Plagiarized content is bad for SEO which is bad for your employers and way worse for you. Protect your reputation and your career by taking necessary measurements. Before submitting your work, you should use an online program to check the plagiarism. With all the content out there, it becomes easy to accidentally duplicate writing.

4. Successful content writers know SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress.

Don't panic about it. You only need a few basics. WordPress themes have varying levels of automatic functions, and sometimes the only way to make your text appear the way you want it to is to dig into the text/HTML tab and manipulate the code to make a title tag or fix a spacing issue. You should use your time and spend on learning the basics. 

Updated SEO knowledge is also tough. Search engine algorithms change frequently, and writers have to keep up. One thing remains constant which is that high quality is always in demand. If you can write in-depth content from a unique perspective, you'll be in demand.

5. Successful content writers are also social media specialists.

It is important for content writer that name should be recognized. Social media have all the things which your need. Build your audience, meet publishers and talk to experts of industry. When your writing is published, the fun will be just started. The more active you are on social media; the more possibilities will arise that your followers will be to recommend your content. Successful content writers are active, public and friendly.

So, think twice about writing "success." It stops being about words on paper as soon as “content” is added to “writer.” Content writers are marketing experts, SEO specialists, on-page coders and social media butterflies. With the right skill set, you'll succeed and find that yours is the best job in the world.

Finding and Working with a Content Writer

If you are in search of an effective content right, then a content service will surely help you to quickly find the right one for your needs. Before you begin, define the kind of content you need and the results you want to achieve. Determine a general word count and any other considerations. Then search for content writers with experience not only in your industry, but also in writing the sort of content you’re looking for. Your content service may also choose specific writers for you.

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