What are Web Analytics and Cookies?

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All of us have faced cookies on many websites but we don’t know actually what these are for or what these stand for. Almost every Website Development Company in California apply these cookies to their websites. These cookies are small text files that are downloaded on your device automatically when you visit a website. But why these are downloaded on your device? This is to recognize the website you visit and collect information about the device each time you visit the website. This trend of using cookies is now on a high level in like a Website Development Company in CaliforniaMoving further, there are two types of cookies named first party and third party.

However, these both do have not so much difference in between these because both have the same purpose of the function. The only thing that differs between these two is how these two are created and uniquely used.


First Party Cookies

First gathering treats are made by the site you are visiting. A site can just access the treats it put itself of your gadget, with the end goal that for instance, treats put when you visited a web crawler can't be gotten to by our site.


Third-Party Cookies

As the name mentioned, these are third-party cookies that are not owned by the website which you visit actually. These types of Third Party Cookies are basically for tracking or Online Advertising purposes. Furthermore, a website owner is also allowed to provide certain services on that also.


How are cookies used on a website?

There are several purposes of using cookies and here we will mention all of these:

  • These cookies adjust the setting of the website
  • These cookies help to serve content by the third party
  • This helps a lot to know about how people are using website services and from that, we can make these services better for them also
  • It helps to know about your preferences
  • It helps a lot to refine marketing strategies
  • It let us know about the read status of the emails and find out if these are helpful

These cookies are also used for measurement services and targeting ads and for that, there is the involvement of a third party. These are all major purposes that Top Web Development Companies in California use with the help of the cookies.

If we see it as major, then there are first-party and third-party cookies used for our websites. From these cookies, a few are important for the functioning of the website and the rest are helpful for marketing purposes and analytics.



Here comes the second part is known as analytics. In simple ways, analytics or analytics tools are those which are used to gather information about the web traffic and user visits on the site. From this data, we know how to understand and optimize web usage. This is all done through collecting, analyzing, measuring, and reporting the collected data.


What are Analytics tools?

Google Analytics

Google analytics has a big role in knowing about which improvement we should make in the website and how it should be. With the help of this, we generate reports of the information about how visitors use our website.

It generates the information from the visitor like:

  • From where the visitor is accessing the website (Country or city)
  • It generates the information that Google might have already about you from other websites or on Google itself
  • No of pages visited and number of visitors


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Here comes Marketo which is known as the marketing automation tool. As the name mentioned, Marketo has the function to generate an audience, send mails to these audiences, and generate qualified leads with the help of digital interaction.

In simple ways, if you submit a form on our website, then it will be saved. Next time, whenever you come to the website, your all activities will be in consideration like how many pages you visit and from which campaign did you come, etc.



HotJar is the third tool and I would say it technology services more than a tool. It helps a lot to understand the user experience. Unlike other tools, we gather information and grow services with the help of user feedback.

HotJar is responsible to use cookies and other technologies to collect data about the users and their devices.



So here we come at the stage knowing that these two things known as Analytics and Cookies are mandatory for our website for many perspectives. If it is essential for a Website Development Company in California even, then why not for you? So, if you are up to run your business online with the help of a website, then make it appropriate by applying cookies and web analytics on this.