Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

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Before starting about the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, we must know the importance of these first. Digital Agencies in California adopt Digital Marketing as this is suitable and according to their work. But is it the best strategy? Or which strategy should you follow between these two? We cannot just rely on the Digital Marketing provided by the Digital Agencies in California. We have to make clear these two Answers first.


What is Traditional Marketing and its Pros and Cons? 

So here we are with the strategies and marketing methods that have none to do with the internet. My opinion is that these were in use before the decades and even before digital marketing. So if we say that traditional marketing gave birth to Digital Marketing, then this also will be right in a way.


But the question arises that how traditional marketing works? Or what are strategies for Traditional Marketing? So let’s make it clear, and here I have it in the shape of points that happen in this.


  • Fliers & Billboards
  • Radio Commercial & Televisions
  • Text Notification & Telephone Calls
  • Magazine or Newspaper Ads
  • Directly Mailed postcards, coupons, and informational packets

I say that these have become the part of our life as we see outside the window and saw a Billboard or see television and see it in the form of Commercials.

If we compare these two different marketing strategies, we see that most methods are outdated and irrelevant. However, some of the marketing strategies are still much useful and Beneficial.


It all depends upon the Audience and Business. This marketing is acceptable, but you must know about the pros and cons before you choose.



  • As you know that this is an outdated strategy, so you must choose traditional Marketing for the old Demographic. According to the research of GlobeNewswire, it has proven that people above 50 years’ age uses newspaper, magazines, and televisions, but people between 21-34 don’t.
  • If you have a business and want to set a larger local audience, this business is rarely fruitful. I say that this is for small businesses that it would be better for them to compete through fliers, billboards, and strategies like this rather than make it digital and compete with bigger businesses.
  • TV & Commercial Marketing plays multiple times, which is much better than Digital Marketing, which is blocked or removed.


  • It is costly to print postcards and find engaging Audience also
  • This can be long-term to generate positive results, and even you won’t know if someone has read or seen your commercials, postcards, etc.  


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What is Digital Marketing and its Pros and Cons?

Digital Marketing is also very valuable in its way because it enhances and grows more with time. This type of marketing is for people who need the use of technology and Mobile Devices. You and I know that these strategies haven’t been here as long as Traditional Marketing, but yes, they pack a punch also.

Some of the Digital Marketing Methods consist of:

  • Emails Campaign
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Content
  • Posts on Social Media
  • Clickable ads  
  • SEO


Now, this all has become much needed for a Digital Marketing Agency  to Adapt.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing 

As technology is growing, the strategies of Digital Marketing is also growing more and. But if we see in the comparison of Traditional Marketing, we will see that this thrives somewhere and somewhere not.



  • If there is the involvement of data or Audience, then that can be traced immediately. You will have the information of that person who uses your site link, becomes your follower on social media, or reads an email.
  • Strategies of Digital Marketing Consume less money but generates more as an output.
  • You can covey and use your strategies to the Global or Scattered Audience as it has a broad scope.


  • Some users have an ads blocker, so we can’t show them out ads and pop-ups.
  • It has to change frequently with the trends and emerging technology.


So now I think this will be pretty easy for you to choose one. But I have an opinion here, choose Digital Marketing, and for that, we are available one of the best Digital Agencies in California. So buckle yourself for it, and we are just One Click Away.