Major Differences between an IOS & Android Mobile App Development Company

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Whenever it comes to develop a mobile app, two things come into the mind of the developer. This is to make it an IOS app or the Android App. A Mobile App Development Company always focus on providing these services efficiently. However, developing these apps is slightly different, so most developers stick to just one. If we consider these both, there are over 1.2 Billion Android users and 215 million apple users and apps generated by the Mobile App Development Company.


Let's see some of the major differences between these two platforms.

Store for 

Android users have to download their apps from the Google Play store while Apple users find their apps from the Apple App Store. You will have to negotiate the terms of Google when developing an Android app, and for IOS, you are governed by Apple.


Platform Size 

Assume yourself giving Mobile App Development Services in California; you will develop apps for both platforms for any existing Business like a restaurant or a Retail Store. But if you are developing standalone apps like shopping apps, photo editing, then it your choice to choose one. Google play is highly competitive with 21 Billion users, but you can easily avail yourself with easy Google Approval.


Development Process 

If we talk about the platforms, Apple has their medium to develop on named Xcode. It also has its programming language called Swift, which is very easy and efficient but no compatible with other platforms.



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Approval Process 

Both IOS and Android require approval from the main platform designers. You have to ensure that the app works perfectly within their platform and does not cause any issues to the already existing apps.


Apple apps Guidelines are incredibly specific. So it would help if you assumed these much before you start coding on it.


Development Complexity 

The difference between Android and IOS apps development is not so complex in coding languages. The research and study make sure that the IOS programming language and development are quite easier than the Android. Android has a wide range of devices, but IOS has very limited devices like IPad, iPhone, iPod or MacBook.

As a result, IOS is not difficult for Mobile Apps Development.


Testing & Debugging 

You have to make sure that the app is running smoothly or not. For this, you have Simulator for IOS and Emulator for Android. Developers observe that the IOS Simulator is faster but lack in generating accurate result in the end.

On the other side, you have options to put this in various devices and check for the possible bugs and omit it. It is more likely to simulate.


Programming Language 

There is something a developer must know before starting to make an IOS app. You must have an Original Device from apple before developing; this helps a lot, but unfortunately, most IOS developers lack this.


If we talk about the coding language, you should have proficiency with Java, and for IOS, you must be Accurate with Objective-C or Swift Programming Language.


Cost Development 

These are some of the major things to take notice of. You must know about the difference between the cost development of Android App Development and IOS App Development. The total cost development depends upon the app's list of features and functionalities and cannot be assumed by yourself based on general information.


Additionally, there is a difference in the cost of developing an app. For iOS, the Apple App Store imposes a price of $99 per year. At the same time, Google Play has a one-time charge of $25 for carrying out an Android app.


This guide is beneficial in many away. If you are a Mobile App Development Company or providing Mobile App Development Services in California, you will have all this sorted out with our guide.